“Dealing with a difficult work issue I found Diane’s positive attitude to life generally and her honest views extremely helpful in moving the situation forward. Diane was very supportive and non judgmental, which allowed me to then decide what was the best way forward that I felt was right for myself. Diane is a committed professional and comes highly recommended. ”

G Leahy, Manchester

“I’ve worked with Diane for 5 years and can honestly say that I’ve not come across anyone else with more attention to detail and passion for the task in hand”

Graeme, East Lothian

“Diane is a genuine and very insightful person. Spending time with Diane leaves you feeling inspired, positive and believing that you can be and are in control of your own destiny. Diane is someone who I greatly admire and respect and I’m glad she is part of my life”

Kim Flynn, Dundee

“Diane is someone you always want to work alongside as she delivers business impact in the toughest of conditions. She also manages to make it fun along the way!”

Alexandra Clark, Bristol