Diane’s Coaching Services

Diane helps clients with:

Career Progression / Discovering the Right Career
Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a manager, an employee , school or university leaver or simply a person looking for a new job or career, Diane can help you to recognise and develop your skills could greatly improve your chances of success. Using a structured approach, Diane helps clients to explore their strengths, build on their weaknesses and learn new techniques to help them excel in their chosen line of work.

Being made redundant or facing redundancy can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. Not knowing what the future holds can be worrying. Diane’s redundancy coaching is a focused and effective way of moving forward positively working with clients to make the right moves forward in developing and regaining control over their career.

Problems with their boss
We spend most of our life at work. So if your relationship with your boss isn’t working, it can make you feel really bad. Diane works with clients to develop and implement solutions.

Downshifting / Mid Life Re-balancing
Tired of the rat race? Want a simpler life. Diane knows exactly what this feels like and can really help you take stock, help you discover what’s next and provide you with a guided roadmap to achieving it.

Maybe the thought of working for yourself appeals to you, but you haven’t been able to get started? Diane can help you get yourself moving forward.

Sports Performance
To achieve great things in sport, individuals put their bodies through extensive training programmes. Every day they try to be fitter, faster, stronger and sharper than they were yesterday. Diane works with sports men and women to help them achieve their goals, working on confidence, self-belief and creating the winning mind-set.

Life as a Carer
Sometimes life can get really tough… suddenly you’re a carer for a family member or even a carer for a carer. Diane has been in that very position and understands the challenges (emotional, financial, and physical). She can provide you with a confidential oasis, where you can talk about what’s happening, gain perspective and find ways to stay strong and move forward. Diane can help you:

  • regain some peace of mind
  • make choices
  • communicate with others 
  • to look after yourself

Negative thoughts and self-doubt?
Many of us are limited by the opinions of others, including our parents, colleagues and friends. If you feel the time is right to change the way you feel about yourself, come and talk to Diane.